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You can request a catalogue to be sent to you by post, to be emailed to you for later use, or to be made available for immediate download.


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    You can request a catalogue to be sent to you by post filling out your details in the form below.

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      You can request a catalogue to be emailed to you for later use by filling out your details in the form below.

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      Germinal is a sixth-generation family company with a proud history. Our heritage is built on the strength of great people and our knowledge and experience is a valuable asset we share with the farming community. We believe in collaboration and that education and innovation will drive future success for all.

      Diarmuid Murphy Germinal Ireland

      Our science-based approach means we invest resources in improving our knowledge of seed development and importantly our ability to project and plan for the future.

      Strategic research

      Through a strategic research and development partnership with The Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science in Aberystwyth, Wales, (IBERS), we are addressing major sustainability and climate challenges through long-term plant breeding programmes.

      Key relationships

      We also have key relationships with Teagasc, the agriculture and food development authority in Ireland and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), in Northern Ireland giving us valuable perspective within the industry.

      Powerful track record

      Our customer service is built on a powerful track record of highly skilled and hardworking people. Germinal are market leaders. Our performance products, award-winning varieties and market knowledge continue to position us as a trusted agribusiness in Ireland and across the world.

      Knowledge Building and Sharing

      Our knowledge is one of our greatest assets. Germinal understand the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing and the benefits of building our future together.

      Research and Understanding

      One of our key effective relationships is with IBERS, Wales this gives Germinal its business edge and differentiation. We are not just a supplier, but a researcher with vital knowledge in seed development.

      Foresight and Future Strategy

      Inherent in the Germinal brand is the belief in power of forethought. We are investing our energies and business acumen in strategies and products for our world’s future.

      Effective Relationships

      We continue to build relationships with farmers, distributors, technicians and researchers to improve our products and knowledge.

      Commitment to Quality

      Our production procedures and processes are designed to yield the best products, from germination through harvest to usage.

      Contact the grass and forage experts