Germinal a proud member of Irish Seed Trade Association

Wednesday 08.05.2019 , News
Germinal are proud members of the Irish Seed Trade Association (ISTA).

Founded in 1914, ISTA represents multipliers, producers and distributors of certified seed in Ireland. Its role is to promote the use of certified seed in tillage, forage and grassland crops and to ensure the best varieties of seed are made available to Irish farmers. ISTA has recently released a video to explain the process behind producing certified seed.

Certified Seed is the cornerstone of many farming operations, and various food and beverage industries. It is a fully traceable, weed-free, guaranteed seed product with superior quality to alternatives and is part of a world-wide quality assurance system.  Irish Certified Seed is produced to the highest standards, providing growers with a guaranteed standard of varietal purity, germination, and phyto-sanitary status.

Certified Seed is an insurance against sub-standard crop establishment, thereby protecting the other investments necessary to produce a profitable crop.

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