Webinar: Managing Brassicas

Knowing your options on forage brassicas and how to maximise their potential for sowing, growing, feeding, reducing costs and filling possible forage shortages.

Use of forage brassicas as an alternative feed for ruminant livestock continues to grow in Ireland.

Grazed in-situ with supplementary fibre available, forage brassicas can provide a solution to mid-summer grazing gaps, can extend grazing in the autumn or can be the mainstay of an out-wintering system.

The energy content of leafy brassicas is typically higher than that of grass and is similar to that of concentrate feeds. As brassicas are high in readily digestible carbohydrates. it is important to provide a fibre source.

This Germinal Ireland webinar focuses on the potential of forage brassicas.

Germinal webinars are developed so that we can share our experience in the areas where we add value.

We believe asking questions and building discussion helps farmers solve some problems and make improvements that can make a difference. Ultimately, it's about getting the very best from what you have. 

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