Webinar: Maximising the potential of White and Red clover

Watch our webinar in which Germinal experts Dr Mary McEvoy and Diarmuid Murphy discuss the roles, establishment and management of clovers.

They also cover the benefits of white clover in grazing systems; sowing white clover as part of a full reseed and oversowing white clover into established grassland, the role of red clover in intensive animal production systems and best practice for successful establishment and management of white and red clover.

Mary and Diarmuid are joined by Sandra Hayes from Teagasc who shares her own valuable insights and experiences working with white and red clover.

Webinar Q & A

What number of clover seeds would be in 1 kg of non-pelleted seed?

There are almost 1.5 million white clover seeds per kg, this compares to about 500,000 diploid perennial ryegrass seeds per kg or between 300,000 and 400,000 tetraploid perennial ryegrass seeds per kg

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