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      White clover seed

      White clover seed produces plants that are good for production and the environment, offering many benefits to today’s sustainable livestock farming systems.

      Able to supply up to 150kg nitrogen/ha, white clover reduces the need for artificial fertiliser and cost of application without impacting grass yield.

      A high-quality and digestible plant, white clover also supports higher animal feed intakes and enhanced performance.

      To gain the most from white clover, an established sward needs a clover content of 25-30%.

      white clover

      The benefits of sowing white clover seed

      • Increased output of milk and meat from forage
      • Improved soil structure and grazing quality
      • Balanced grass/clover sward
      • Suitable for a wide range of soil types and management systems

      White clover seed can be sown as part of a full reseed or oversown into an established sward.

      Please feel free to ask a Germinal expert if you are interested in white clover for your livestock system.

        Usage guide: White clover seed

        Sowing rate: 0.5-1.5 kg/acre (1.5-4 kg/ha) if sowing with grass as part of a full reseed; 2.0 kg/acre (5.0 kg/ha) if overseeding white clover

        Sowing time: April-August

        Sowing depth: 10-15 mm

        Sowing instructions

        As part of a full reseed: Cultivate to achieve a fine, firm seedbed. Ploughing will help level rough fields. Sow in good conditions (warm with rain forecast), no deeper than 10-15 mm. Roll well after sowing to ensure good soil/seed contact.

        Overseeding: Ensure adequate soil pH, P and K indices. Control weeds before sowing clover. Ensure good soil seed contact. Ideally, sow after a heavy silage cut. Sow in warm conditions with rain forecast. Stitch clover seed in, or broadcast with 0:7:30. Roll after sowing. Avoid spreading N for the remainder of the year so white clover has less competition from grass and can get established.

        After sowing     Monitor for pest attack and take immediate action where necessary.  If sown as part of a full reseed, post-emergence spray will be necessary but ensure you use a clover safe spray.

        Grazing: Graze frequently at low covers for the first few grazings to allow light into the base of the sward. Avoid cutting for silage as clover can then out-compete grass. Maintain optimum soil pH, P and K.

        Uses: Dairy – Y; cattle – Y; sheep – Y