Strong expectation for Winter Wheat plantings

Thursday 03.10.2019 , News

On the back of good yields, albeit disappointing grain prices, plantings of winter cereals are expected to be robust this autumn. The ban of Redigo Deter and subsequent advice to plant later than normal, means the requirement for good weather in the month of October will be greater than ever.

Winter Wheat Recommended List

The performance of Germinal varieties on the Department of Agriculture (DAFM) Winter Wheat Recommended List 2020, means that both Bennington and JB Diego should be the leading varieties for inclusion in farmers’ cropping plans.

Germinal’s newest variety, Bennington, is now the leading fully recommended variety on the 2020 Winter Wheat Recommended List. The results from harvest 2019 demonstrated high yield with very good agronomic traits, along with strong straw and very good septoria resistance.

JB Diego also continues to produce excellent results. Once again it performed exceptionally well in 2019, demonstrating excellent total yield, good straw and grain quality, moderate resistance to mildew and fusarium, and good resistance to sprouting. Grain is of feed quality with high thousand grain weight and good hectolitre weight.

For full results and to download the 2020 DAFM Winter Cereal Recommended List, click here.